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Ethernal Heroes is the first cross-platform CCG game in the world that uses its own cryptocurrency called MAGE. Ethernal Heroes is a unique card battler that is set in a fantasy world. Players can compete with other players around the globe and make real money using their strategic and gaming skills.


Demonstration of the gameplay


Easy to master combat mechanics with extensive tactical capabilities.


Each hero card has a limited edition and can be obtained by playing the game or be bought at an auction from other players.


Take hold of your destiny with over 100 different cards and wield magic and might as you square off against other players. Each subsequent edition will include another 50 cards, allowing for an ever increasing variety of strategies and ways to play.


Welcome to the world of Ethernium! Once, this great land flourished and all its inhabitants - humans, elves, dwarfs, and druids - lived in harmony. But now it has been torn apart by an endless war that is destroying everything in its path. Insidious and merciless demons are preparing to wipe out all life on the face of Ethernium. Survival will depend on your quick wit, strategic skills, and courage. Become the ruler of this magic world!

Choose one of Four Factions!

Become the leader of mysterious Night Elves, an elder of the ever-treacherous Magicians, supreme ruler over a horde of Demons, or take up arms with the Order of Ruthless Inquisitors. The fate of the world is in your hands - choose to wage bloody war and annihilate your enemies, but beware of shifting alliances.

Call upon a Hero to lead your army!

Command your troops with a diverse array of brave Heroes. As their level grows with each battle so too does their ability to rally troops and learn new spells which can be used to wreak havoc on their enemies.

Take part in an epic storyline!

Watch history unfold before your eyes as events, both magical and terrible, guide and shape the lives of generations of Ethernians.

As you progress through the campaign, you will unveil the mysteries behind opening the portal between worlds, discover the secrets of the tragic destruction of the Elven Kingdom and the treachery of the Inquisitor Erinyes, and prepare yourself for the final battle at the Portal of the Void, which will determine the future of all kingdoms.



Who said that women don't make good battle commanders? Just don't tell that to Llori if you don't want to be carved up like a piece of fruit. Magnificent strategic abilities combined with a cold and calculating mind have brought her troops to victory even in the most inextricable situations.

Merciless Punisher

These holy warriors are the most implacable enemies of demon hordes. The Inquisition Order believes that humans are the children of gods. Not accepting any connections to other races, the Order considers everyone an ally of demons. That’s why the Inquisitors are so ruthless in matters of eradicating heresy and destroying evil spirits.


Meet one of the most powerful creatures of the Ethernal Realms – the Dragon! He is a powerful ancient spirit created by elven goddess Lunara, who was summoned to protect forest dwellers and elven lands. When the first humans came, the Dragon drifted into profound sleep and soon became just a fairytale. Only the Elders could remember this mighty creature. But now that the Ethernal Portal has opened and the black crystal energy spread over the lands, the Dragon has awakened. The ancient forest has got its defender once again.

Burning Devastator

When the Demonic Legion came to the lands of Ethernium, nobody was prepared for their destructive cruelty. The Burning Devastator was one of the Demonic Legion war chiefs. He shows no mercy, no remorse or regret. He lives for suffering and pain of living beings. If you face him in battle you will get not even half a chance to survive.

Herald of the Frozen Wasteland

Giant demons of the Frozen Wasteland bring a deadly cold. The ground beneath their feet freezes in a moment, and their cold breath can strip meat to the bone.

Priest of the Forest Goddess

Many elves are able to manipulate healing magic. However, only Priests who serve the Forest Goddess, can comprehend the essence of that magic. Due to their knowledge they are capable of healing even fatal wounds.

Disciple of the Water Sphere

Usually, we bring new art along with a short story. But now... come on, who could ever be distracted from this beauty by a story? ;) Just look at that young water magician – she is amazing, isn’t she?


Just look at him! His insanity can be seen in his eyes. Multiple burns on his skin can’t stop him from playing with fire. His flame ignites everything in its reach, yet we believe his crazy fascination will make your heart pound.

Wandering Sorceress

Aelyn has never been attracted to the calm and quiet life behind the Mage Academy walls. That’s why she travels around the world now, looking for lost magical artifacts and ancient knowledge. She fears neither demons nor inquisitions. Her life is just a great adventure!

Keeper of the Ashes

These tall, deadly, beautiful demonesses with long thin limbs can be seen in the demonic army. They collect the souls of fallen soldiers in their censers and use them for black spells, cursing the enemy units that get in their way. The garments of the Keepers of the Ashes are like mourning robes, and their veils hide the deathly glow of their eyes as they watch beyond the curtain of life and death.

Stone Golem

The destructive power that is hidden in the soul of a rock can crush anyone who invades your territory. Maybe that’s why stone golems are so popular among mages as protection from outsiders. After all, legend says that there’s a soul in every object, and anything can be used to wreak havoc.


Initial idea and concept development

Project team formed

First development stages

Internal prototype



Public demo version

Beta version

Soft launch

Global launch

Card auction launch

Market &

What can we expect from the in-game currency mechanics?
We're excited to push the boundaries of the CCG genre by incorporating cryptocurrency and presenting our players with the chance to win real money.

40 000 000

active players involved in the digital CCG market


total value of the digital CCG market

The digital CCG market has over 40 million active players worldwide. Most of these players live in the US and Asia, where the genre is traditionally popular. The genre is characterized by high average spending per player and a stable loyal audience.

The total volume of the digital CCG market is estimated to be around $1.4 billion, which is spent on buying boosters and upgrading cards. To date, there are approximately 4000 professional players worldwide who earn money playing online. Will you be one of them?


Similar to online poker rooms, 2% of each player's bet will be kept as a commission.

Commissions will contribute to a bonus pool which will be featured in monthly paid and free tournaments.

The main feature of Ethernal Heroes is the ability to implement in-game transactions using MAGE tokens, which are ERC-20 compliant. Versatility of the MAGE token system will allow it to function in a variety of ways:

  • Bets between players in one-on-one games

  • Payment for participation in tournaments

  • Deposit/withdraw MAGE tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Buying boosters and game content

  • Using for in-game items' transactions between players on auction

& Bonuses

We would like to express our gratitude to our investors and players by providing the following bonuses:

  • A limited set of exclusive legendary cards

  • Chance to test the closed alpha version of the game


TGE launch

Token Distribution
Total number of tokens - 160 000 000
  • 35 000 000 - Circulating reserve

  • 100 000 000 - Number of tokens available during TGE

  • 15 000 000 - Team

  • 3 000 000 - Advisors

  • 2 000 000 - Referral program

  • 5 000 000 - Pre-sale

Distribution of bonuses for early TGE members
  • 0 - 10 M
  • 10 M - 25 M
  • 25 M - 50 M
  • 50 M - 75 M
  • 75 M - 92 M
Buying MAGE tokens

Select a cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC or LTC) and the number of tokens to purchase. Add your ETH address so that we can send you tokens. Within 2 hours, get MAGE tokens to the specified address. While paying with ETH, send cryptos from the wallet you use for receiving MAGE tokens. Don't use any cryptoexchanges (like Poloniex and Bittrex) to purchase tokens. Don't use Jaxx and CoinBase wallets for receiving tokens. Make sure your wallet supports the storage of our tokens BEFORE the purchase. If it's not supported, all your MAGE tokens will be lost and could not be restored.





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Anna Rekhert


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Tatiana Medvedeva


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Stepan Gershuni


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